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Dental Fillings in Arlington

Going to the dentist isn’t usually at the top of anyone’s to-do list. Whether it’s because you simply don’t have enough time or because you are a little apprehensive as to what dental problems the dentist may find, the reasons for not seeing a dentist often prevent many people from getting the treatment they need. However, if you think you have a cavity and have been avoiding the dentist, it’s much easier to take care of sooner rather than later. Your Arlington dental team is here to help make you as comfortable as possible during your visit.

What is a dental filling and who might need one?

A dental filling is used when a portion of your tooth has decayed or when a tooth has been cracked or worn down. Fillings are a very common dental procedure, whereby the decayed part of the tooth is removed and replaced with a dental filling. Typically the treatment can be performed in just one short office visit. If your dentist finds that it may take more than one visit to remedy the dental problem, they will most likely decide to put a temporary filling into place.

What is the process for filling a cavity?

After carefully examining the teeth, a local anesthetic is typically used to numb the tooth and surrounding area. Once numb, dental instruments are used to carefully remove the decayed area of the tooth. This creates a “cavity” or small opening which is filled with a composite material. Finally, the filling is smoothed and polished to remove any rough edges and blend seamlessly with the tooth.

Alternatively, we now offer laser dentistry that can treat cavities without any need for an anesthetic! Learn more about laser dental technology here.

How to care for and maintain dental fillings

In order to ensure that your fillings do not come loose prematurely, it’s best to visit our office regularly and maintain proper oral hygiene at home. Be sure to floss daily and use toothpaste that has a fluoride additive to avoid developing any further cavities and to prevent the compromised tooth from developing a cavity again. Should you find that your filling has cracked or has become loose, it’s best to schedule an appointment right away so that you can prevent further tooth decay.

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